The healthcare industry was one of the fastest to wake to the benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) and harness the technology to improve patient care by updating them with real-time patient information and allowing them to take proactive measures for timely treatment.  According to some estimates, investments in IoT solutions in the healthcare sector are likely to reach a staggering $1 trillion by 2025.

By integrating IoT features into medical devices the healthcare practitioners can greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of their service; provide high value to patients, especially the elderly, or patients with critical/chronic conditions; remote monitor those who require constant supervision; and most importantly, save lives with the help of real-time data.

MyInsight, an open-source, cloud-hosted IoT solution, allows healthcare system practitioners to establish cross-device connectivity and implement smart data analytic features into medical devices and related software systems. The application helps medical practitioners and healthcare systems to achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy while protecting patient privacy and ensuring regulatory compliance.

MyInsight’s open API easily integrates with clients’ external healthcare systems to form a broad healthcare solution to provide the following benefits.

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Benefits of MyInsight for healthcare

Remote patient monitoring/home-based care

Assisted living facilities may not be enough to accommodate everyone. Remote patient monitoring can provide healthcare services to those healthy enough to stay at home. MyInsight allows to track vitals and monitor health status indicators of patients remotely to using live video and audio streaming; monitor health indicators collected on smart devices such as smartphones; visualize data collected from smart devices in charts and diagrams for analysis; and diagnose symptoms and advise medical care.

Build smart hospitals

MyInsight enables hospitals to leverage digital technologies, smart devices and solutions for clinical diagnosis; secure and real-time information flow management systems across units; provide on-the-fly access to patient EMR to physicians & nursing staff on their devices; and remote visibility and tracking of onsite assets & equipment using RFID and geo-tagging; remotely monitor and configure an automated drug delivery system; and set emergency alerts, with escalation, triggered by data collected from patient monitoring devices.

Access patient-generated health data

Patient-generated data is anything that a patient shares with the medical practitioners including treatment history, lifestyle choices and symptoms, or data collected using smart devices such as wearables etc. MyInsight collects and mines the data, and then presents a snapshot of real-time data for greater visibility.

Allocate time and resources

Healthcare providers need visibility into real-time diagnostic data, inventory, healthcare alerts, patient records and more. MyInsight fully addresses the mission-critical nature of the IoT in healthcare and incorporates the right tools to enable medical practitioners to better allocate time, facilities, resources for healthcare.