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myInsight.io is a product of the Powertec IoT Division and is a full-service complete end to end IoE (Internet of Everything) ecosystem.  It is comprised of an open-source solution, covering: internet, cellular, WiFi and long-range communication (LoRa) gateways. The solution is customised to control, measure and track: assets, people, animals and things, with a combination of live and historical data including: events, notifications and machine learning.

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For our breadth of experience and support we provide. Our expertise ensures your IoT solution will work or your money back!

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You can be after something specific for the agricultural industry, or a solution for a number of industries, myinsight.io can provide an IoT solution.

You can look forward to improving your operations, creating efficiencies and enabling your business to be agile and make decisions based on accurate data.

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