The global population worldwide is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050; to feed this much population, the agricultural sector must embrace Internet of Things (IoT). The way forward for farmers is to adopt smart farming solutions that not only help to improve efficiency, reduce processing costs and improve yield but also address other challenges generated by agriculture. Agricultural IoT solutions help to monitor everything from one mobile point – on or off your farm.

Depositphotos 100234768 xl 2015 is an IoT-based, feature-rich, open-source platform that can be used across multiple devices. Built to monitor the crop field with the help of sensors (light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc.), from anywhere, anytime, the application helps farmers to enhance productivity, reduce waste, grow food cleanly and meet the ever-increasing demand for food.

Our smart farming application brings together different sensors, connected devices and farming facilities for resource mapping and data analytics to provide 24/7 visibility into soil conditions, machinery in use, crop health, animal behavior, livestock tracking, storage conditions, energy consumption level, and highly transparent farming. not only targets large farming operations but is also suitable for other common trends in agriculture such as family farming and organic farming.

The many benefits of to agriculture

Monitoring Livestock

Conveyor Belt Alerts

Environmental / Rainfall Data Monitoring

Fuel / Water / Liquid Feed Tank Monitoring

Generator Monitoring

Livestock / Poultry Alerts

Toxic Gas Levels

Pump Management / Irrigation / Pivot System Control

Precision Agriculture

Soil Monitoring

Tractor and Combine Diagnostics

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