Conventional manufacturing is undergoing a radical transformation.  At a time when Industry 4.0 is at its peak, every industry in the market is evolving into a smart industry. Manufacturers across the globe are gradually adopting smart factory solutions that include the latest technological innovations in Internet of Things and advanced analytics. Significant advancements in sensor technology and data gathering processes have enabled the proliferation of Big Data Analytics to create innovative business models for all industries and domains.

My Insight in an IoT-enabled smart asset monitoring solution that enables manufacturers to gain complete control over their equipment, machinery, resources and business operations with an aim to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve customer experiences etc.

The application brings together low-cost meters and sensors that communicate huge volumes of data within the framework of a dynamic information architecture. Combining metering and monitoring systems and analytics, MySight enables manufacturers to analyze and improve resource consumption, energy demand, process execution and production efficiency, while cutting down on manufacturing costs and defects.

MyInsight is easy to use – Once you install the plug and play hardware into your existing infrastructure, the new hardware will extract relevant data from the your IT systems such as ERP and SCADA and provide recommendations for improvement and assessments of existing processes via a factory simulation that is executed using the collected data.

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Benefits of MyInsight for factory

Measure performance across all production line

Measure all your connected machines, equipment and each and every process on the shop-floor, and gain unparalleled visibility across all production lines.

Gain real-time visibility in asset performance

Monitor assets remotely, across geographies, to gain a single view of assets and improve equipment use and availability.

Gain real-time visibility in worker performance and safety

MyInsight connects people directly to their work environment to boost operational efficiency and improve the way employees work with the help of wearable intelligent sensors.

Acquire and engage customers

Deliver personalized customer experiences based on location-specific technologies. In-built features help you to attract, acquire, engage and retain customers.

Reduce energy and resource consumption and achieve savings

Measure the performance of production from a continuous as-is analysis to drive process improvement, maximize energy efficiency, optimize resource consumption and take corrective actions, if necessary.