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  • Set up your own LoRa wireless base station
  • No spectrum licence required (uses 900 MHz ISM)
  • Build your own mesh network
  • Up to 15 km coverage per gateway
  • Can connect up to 1,000 sensors
  • Process millions of messages per day
  • Weatherproof for outdoor installation (IP67)
  • Supplied with omnidirectional antenna kit

The system is revolutionising the way Australia does business. is an IoT connectivity platform designed to connect any and all devices to a centralised dashboard screen, allowing you to automate your manufacturing or farming process.

The system can connect as few as one device, to several thousand devices, allowing you to build a clear picture of your entire operation – flow rates, tank levels, soil moisture penetration, camera monitoring, fuel and chemical reserves, track animals, activate pumps and lighting, open and shut gates – the possibilities are limitless.

All this information is displayed on an interactive and easy-to-use online dashboard, allowing you to operate your farm or factory over the internet from anywhere in the world.

The LoRa Gateway kit allows you to build your own fully functional long-range wireless network. LoRa uses the licence-free 900 MHz ISM band to provide data connectivity as far as 15 km. Entire properties and even council regions can be covered by creating a mesh of multiple LoRa gateways.

LoRa has been developed specifically for the tiny message sizes used in sensor networks, allowing each gateway to support millions of messages per day. This means the network can support hundreds of connectivity modules reporting every minute, or thousands of modules reporting every hour.

Powertec provide full network design services. Contact our team to begin your automation journey today.

Installation is simple – just mount the gateway and antenna on a tall structure such as a Blackhawk Tower and connect it to your network via an Ethernet cable. The LoRa Gateway can be powered by PoE (802.3af) or using an ordinary DC power supply (11 to 30 Volts).

If you’re new to the technology Powertec can design your entire network, from backhaul connectivity through to unique farming and industrial solutions.


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