Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized all aspects of our lives. It is expected that the number of objects connected to IoT will reach 50 billion by 2020, giving rise to enormous amounts of valuable data. New sensor, mobile and wireless technologies are driving the evolution of the IoT. But what use is the transfer of information from a device if you don’t have analytics that are rich enough to extract insights from it or transform it into meaningful consumer experiences?

MyInsight is designed to collect and collate enormous amount of data produced by IoT devices and convert it into knowledge using data mining techniques, to enable better decision-making, greater automation, higher efficiencies, productivity, accuracy, and wealth generation.

MyInsight provides powerful features with ease of use functionality.  Simply define a channel and select the data you wish to collect, so that you store only the data which is of interest, for example, soil monitoring data. Once the channel is set, configure actionable points such as temperature, soil moisture, and salinity. MyInsight processes and stores the data an IoT-optimized data store for analysis. You can query the data using the built-in SQL query engine and use visualization tools and dashboard to obtain business insights.

How MyInsight works

IoT objects

  • Generates data
  • Captures data from a variety of formats and frequencies


  • Data processing

Data storage

  • Stores data in a time-series data store for analysis

Data warehouses

  • Data mining tools and methodology
  • Run SQL queries to perform machine learning inferences and make predictions

Patterns and trends

  • Interesting patterns and evaluation and interpretation
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Powerful Capabilities – Easy to use